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Georgia Veterinary Medical Association (GVMA)

The Georgia Veterinary Medical Association is committed to advancing the veterinary medical profession and supporting the veterinarian's role in improving animal and public health.


The Georgia Veterinary Medical Association (GVMA) is the leading organization promoting veterinary medicine in Georgia. Their core values are guided by professionalism, commitment, integrity, service, progressive thinking, compassion, stewardship, transparency, and inclusivity.

Membership Benefits

Veterinary hospitals that decide to better their practice by becoming GVMA members, are provided outstanding benefits that result in higher standards and happier clients. Benefits include premium ongoing education, practice and graduate handbooks, discounted webinars and a Certified Veterinary Assistant program. The GVMA advocates for veterinary issues year-round through dedicated volunteers and lobbyists and provides opportunities with The Power of 10 (a national leadership development program). Members are given access to magazines, news outlets and directories.

Strategic Goals

In the coming years, the GVMA will focus on achieving the following goals: to be the voice of the veterinary medical profession, be a driving force for promoting the image and importance of the veterinary medical profession, continue to grow through membership and retention programs, and to be the model of governance, management, and motivation among state veterinary associations.